The Dynamic Leadership Program is a unique experience in personal development. By using approved dynamic environment methods, you will get the courage to change and the willingness to change others during a three-day-workshop.

The workshop follows a dynamic approach, starting with the Feel & Visualize part, followed by the Acceptance stage and finally shaping the Change. The three-days’ workshop will take you through the different stages, challenge your way of

thinking and finally leave you with a clearer view of yourself as a person and a leader. It will also empower you to make

the change and to develop your personal roadmap.

Testimonials from previous participants:


“Women Leadership Hub is a great platform for women to learn about themselves, what kind of leaders they are and develop a plan to intentionally become better leaders. The fact that is led by women and supported by a man gives that unique balance and knowledge that it is relevant and impactful to any environment that you will be working in”

Winnie Karanu, Business Development and Program Management Professional, MICROSOFT

"Revealing - Fulfilling - Valuable.A deep dive into aspects of oneself that are normally neither obvious nor easy to touch. DLP has been a nice breathing and refreshing session for me." Marica Labrou, Managing Director, KAFKAS S.A.



“Challenging and inspiring workshop that helped build my self-awareness and gave me energy to move forward”

Anna Sandberg, VP for the Nordic countries

at Management Consulting firm BTS



A tremendous experience to learn from other leaders coming from different industries and countries focused to develop a professional network and valuable tools”

Åsa Schmiedhofer, Senior Business Advisor,

Strategic Consultancy firm ORAFA



Well planned exercise which gave meaning. Well-chosen participants, who contributed to fill the program with personal experiences and reflections”

Ia-Pia Emanuelsson, Managing Director,




“The leadership program taught me a lot about how I am perceived by others and provided tools for me to use if I want to be perceived in another way. It was interesting to discover how I impact others in the short and in the long run. And I have [learnt] to think about what I am for in different contexts and different groups”

Eva Skantze, Teamleader Business Development, ICA


I feel so blessed having the opportunity to spend a weekend with so many smart, inspiring, warm and competent women. I learnt a lot about myself and others. I now have a plan for my expanding business, Thank you!”

Åsa Ragnarsson, CEO/Owner, FAR FROM STANDARD


“So rewarding to have this experience and network! So much experience, curiosity and drive that empowered me!”

Annika Lundgren, Service Delivery Manager, ATEA


"Thorough yet crisp discussions on business topics and work-life balance gave me many insights and changed my priorities“

Karin Bristedt – CEO, MITTLIV


“The WLH Dynamic Leadership Program is an excellent choice for women in their personal and professional journey.”

Rose Berg, Executive Vice President,


“The WLH DLP made me feel alive and for the first time really true to myself and to others about my shortcomings. A stone fell off my shoulders and made me feel I can accomplish so many things!”

Anna Järås, Senior capital advisor at FAIR INVESTMENTS SWEDEN AB

“The most powerful leadership course I have experienced! Such an eye-opener, both professionally and personally.”

Sandra Perlman Aisen, Founder,  PICTOBOARDS

“Inspiring, challenging, enlightening and liberating. A deep dive into myself and  a wide opening towards others. I am grateful for this experience.”

Valeria Tsamis, Managing Director, FOCUS BARI S.A.

“The Program was enlightening and like a mind-setting platform for me, because it has led to a great transformation and desire to improve”

Diana Hellen, Student, Economics and Finance,  Kenyatta University (supported by WfE)

“For the first time I was in a most impactful workshop that did not have a single powerpoint presentation. How refreshing! I will most certainly remember a lot of what I learnt because I carry it in my heart and my mind.

Pauline Githugu, Director, Legal, Administration & External Affairs, M-KOPA SOLAR

“This is a very strong and powerful workshop in order to “look at myself in the mirror” and reflect and draw conclusions for my future steps as a leader and as a person”




“A unique opportunity to reflect on your leadership style and gain insights of what you need to do to take you on the next step as a change leader. Leaving with some tangible tools and a diverse network of women leaders. The rest is up to me!”

Elena De Angelis, Global Health Director,


"An excellent opportunity to get to know yourself and others and to challenge your comfort zone."

Lotta Ericsson, Acting Head of BTEB T&A PLM Excellence, ERICSSON

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