Our Story

It all started in the Swedish archipelago

The Women Leadership Hub started by six independent female professional leaders who are committed to supporting other women in leading positions and women leaders of tomorrow. Six complete strangers, from all over the world, were brought together by one key person to attend themselves the Dynamic Leadership Program several years ago at Väddö, an island nestled in the Swedish archipelago. They found themselves sharing the same passion for getting more women to senior leadership positions, so they decided to found the Women Leadership Hub in order to actively support & engage with other women leaders from all around the world.

They adapted, developed and began offering the Dynamic Leadership Program to women leaders who are actively looking to further develop themselves and bring meaningful change in their professional and personal lives. The program aims to guide, coach and support women to grow their leadership skills and prepare them for the challenges ahead by deeply understanding their own impact on others and acting on it.

The women spearheading this initiative have vast experience in the corporate world as well as in entrepreneurship. They have all been qualified through the Dynamic Leadership Program led by Bo Lundell. They all have their own jobs or run their own companies and contribute to the WLH on their spare time as volunteer work, because they all share the same burning desire to change the world to a better place through getting more women to the top!


Bo Lundell, a former Vice President of Ericsson with more than 30 years of experience in top leadership consulting across industries such as construction, finance and high technology industry, guides his clients to implement strategies, business models and manage change to dynamically address evolving challenges in the business.

With experience in Japan, Lebanon and the UK, he has unparalleled international experience working with current and former partners that include British Petroleum, Ericsson, Investor, Nordea Bank, Unilever, SAAB, Schering Plough (now Merck & Co.), Sony Ericsson (now Sony Mobile), Sydkraft (now E.ON Sverige) and the Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation.

The Dynamic Leadership Program by WLH is delivered twice a year (April Spring Edition and October Fall Edition), for three days over a weekend, to a limited number of international, handpicked participants, by two of the founders of the Women Leadership Hub in collaboration with Bo Lundell.

The Women Leadership Hub founding members are:

Christine Andrea Andersson

Christine is the CEO of Fit2Grow AB and the co-founder of the Women Leadership Hub. She is a true global leader and senior HR professional, having led organizational and operating model changes across various countries, cultures and business lines (R&D and Sales). She has held operational HR roles as well as operated as a subject matter expert within competence development and leadership. Over the last few years, she moved from the corporate world to the consultancy arena to work with startups and organizations which want to move into the next level in leadership or organizational design. She has also dedicated her time to developing female leaders, as she strongly believes that the world will be a better place with more female leaders in charge.


Christine is a highly driven and results-oriented inspirational leader who always strives to learn and improve herself and the people around her. She is a team player who easily works with people from different backgrounds and cultures, adapts to different environments and gets people around her to perform at their best. She always acts with high integrity and values based on respect and trust. Christine has successfully led multiple organizational changes both within her own HR function and various other functions. She succeeded in doing that while maintaining high team motivation through transparency and clear communication. She has steered organizations in tough times and has been instrumental in taking business and leadership decisions to drive the organization to another level of expertise and customer satisfaction. She achieved this without losing sight of the continuous engagement and involvement with the leaders and employees in the organization. 


Christine likes to create her own space to reflect and re-energize. She enjoys exploring new horizons and stretching her limits. She loves to spend time with family and friends and she strongly believes that we should all be treated fairly and have the same opportunities to develop. Christine likes to run and practice yoga. She’s also a vocal fitness advocate who strongly believes that to grow and bloom, you need to be and stay fit.

LinkedIn Profile is: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christine-andrea-andersson-953120/

Eva Martin

Eva has recently founded the Nordic Development Hub, with the aim to support small and medium sized companies to develop, scale and grow their businesses. Prior to that, Eva has between 2007-2019 held different leadership positions in the financial sector responsible for developing and maintaining solutions within the areas of Cash Management and Financial Crime. Eva is since 2015 a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist – ACAMS.


Eva had, before working in the financial sector, accumulated 12 years of international management consultant experience in the field of Business Acumen & Change Management. Eva worked internationally across multiple industries and was at BTS responsible Consultant Manager and Area Manager in Sweden.


As a leader, she is known for her high energy and drive and strong ability to develop, motivate and inspire individuals and teams. She has successfully established high performing account management, consultant- and specialist teams.


Eva has, throughout her career, performed several entrepreneurial journeys establishing new functions, implementing operating models, led several organizational changes and transformations. Most recently, Eva built and led the first centralized team responsible for Transaction Monitoring in Danske Bank, securing the prevention of money laundering and financial crime for the group.


Eva is a result-oriented individual, interested in developing others. She loves to spend time with her family and friends, travelling, playing tennis and practicing yoga. She believes that the work of women in business is not recognized the way it deserves, and she wants to help change that. LinkedIn Profile is: https://www.linkedin.com/in/evamartin01/

Jenny Lundell

Jenny  is an entrepreneur, currently the CEO and founder of  Iello AB - Business Development - working with IR, Communication and PR in the Life Science sector. Prior to that, Jenny has started several businesses in different areas like recruitment services, customer relationship management and production of accessories.

Jenny has also held a number of positions in the  Bonnier Media Group , leading media start-ups with focus on establishing new revenue streams. She was also Head of Business Development at  Dagens Nyheter, the largest newspaper in Sweden. She has an International MBA in Marketing and Economics.

She is a driven, demanding and inspirational leader with high level of risk taking. She is at her best in situations, projects and start-ups where you have to challenge the comfort zone. Jenny is known for going against the stream in a traditional environment and successfully turning a down-going trend into profitable business. She loves starting companies and turning them profitable by going all-in.

Jenny is interested in coaching female entrepreneurs, yong entreprenurs and business women, and loves travelling and spending as much time as possible with her family.

LinkedIn Profile is:  https://se.linkedin.com/in/jennylundell

Michelle Moarbes Grasberger

Michelle  is  a certified Professional Coach with 25 years of experience in HR Leadership in emerging markets, Talent Development, Assessment and Coaching in large global multinationals across the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia. She has worked as HR Executive at  Cisco ,  Ericsson ,  Philips  and  Intercontinental Hotels.

She is dynamic, highly committed and a catalyst of change. She believes in everyone’s ability to grow to their full potential. Her ambition is to  coach and  transform women leaders into the best they can be by enabling “self-thought solutions” to open up and transform to grow. Over the course of her international career, Michelle has worked with diverse, international leadership teams through large-scale, transformational change and guided thousands of individuals in their professional development and advancement, with a special focus on developing next generation leaders.

In the most recent years, she has worked closely with a number of women leaders who were looking for answers to either advance their careers further or were starting up their own enterprises, or were taking a step in a different direction in pursuit of their true passion.

Michelle is highly interested in and volunteers her time with a number of organizations to develop and educate women and children. She is curious about the different world cultures and her life is a living proof of that as she has been travelling a lot and has worked and lived in UAE, Egypt, Lebanon, Spain, Nigeria and Vietnam.

LinkedIn Profile is: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michellemoarbes/

Åsa Ponten

Åsa is the Chairman and a founding Partner of Nordiskt Valideringsforum AB. Working in the Finance area with Accounting and Reporting for more than 25 years, she started her career at Ernst & Young AB, with auditing. She has been working as CFO at Adobe System Nordic AB for six years.

̊Åsa is one of the founders to Ekonomi KlaraPapper AB, a large Swedish accounting firm, started and developed the company from 1997 to 2016. She is known for her strategic approach and long term view, which helps her customers to identify the best possible way forward for executing their strategy. She is a confident and trustworthy person, with high integrity and goal orientation, who always delivers results of the highest quality. She has also started and developed a number of project and has the experience of implemented large scale ISO9001 project, quality is an important factor for her.

Åsa is a professional leader, who enjoys overseeing companies develop and grow in a stable and profitable way. She is interested in helping other entrepreneurs grow and develop their business. In her free time she loves to ski, travel and spend her time with her family in the Swedish Archipelago.

LinkedIn Profile is: https://www.linkedin.com/in/%C3%A5sa-pont%C3%A9n-27339526/

Maria Boura

Maria  is Head of Government & Industry Relations and Communications at  Ericsson in South East Europe since October 2016. During her 23 years at Ericsson, she has held various leadership positions and set up new functions and international teams in the areas of Strategy, Marketing & Communications, Sales & Business Development, Product Management and R&D. Prior to that, Maria has worked as a software developer at the global telecom systems vendor  Intracom SA , as well as at the  Demokritos National Centre for Scientific Research in Greece as a researcher in telecoms.

Apart from Greece, she has lived and worked in Italy, the Netherlands, Serbia and Sweden.She is an inspirational thought leader and a great presenter with solid business understanding and international experience in high technology multi-customer, multi-country environment. She is highly adaptive, dynamic and full of energy, a true team player, an avid learner of new things, reliable, open-minded and positive thinking. Being result oriented and of high integrity, she is particularly successful in building trusted customer relations and in efficiently delivering high quality results in fast-paced, complex environments, used to make the best out of matrix organizations. Maria loves setting up teams from scratch and establishing new functions, supporting others to develop and enjoys very much speaking at conferences and events. She also has a true passion for startups and for getting more women in higher positions and in STEM.

Maria enjoys spending time with family and friends, she loves nature & travelling, books, rock music and dancing.

LinkedIn Profile is: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maria-boura-a00b49/

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