Kenya project

The Kenya project


In May 2018 the team of the Women Leadership Hub will go to Nairobi to hold a three-day Dynamic Leadership Program for women students attending some of the best universities in Kenya. The seven young women are currently supported by "Women for Education", a non-profit association with the purpose to strengthen women’s position in society by educating the next generation of female leaders.

The Dynamic Leadership program aims to guide, coach and support women to grow their leadership skills and prepare them for the challenges ahead by understanding their own impact and acting on it. 

The WLH (Women Leadership Hub) and WFE (Women for Education) together with five sponsors will now give the opportunity for the seven young students to attend the program that will give them a unique chance to develop themselves and their leadership skills. 


About Women for Education   

WFE knows that a university degree will allow women to gain access to high impact professional positions, enabling them to become self-sustainable, future leaders.

To make this a reality, WFE provides selected women with mentorship and university loans. Once the supported women earn a sustainable living and are able to pay back the loan, the money will be reinvested into another girl. This way, a donation to Women for Education can be used for many years, helping not one, but hundreds of girls.

WFE currently supports seven very talented girls from Kenya, who are studying at universities in Kenya with degrees ranging from IT and Finance to Biochemistry. They are some of the most intelligent, motivated and resilient women you will ever meet.


The purpose of Women Leadership Hub's sponsorship

The importance of mentorship for the students are crucial. The young women in the WFE program come from poor conditions and with few female leaders around them as role models while growing up.

The Dynamic Leadership Program will be an invaluable way for them to develop as young adults as well as boost their self-confidence as leaders and women. It will also be a key opportunity for them to become part of the Women Leadership Hub worldwide network. To be a part of a network that crosses over many countries will open up the world for the students. Also their participation in the WLH program will be reinvested when the current students will become WFE alumni and mentors for the next generation of students in WFE.

All the WLH Founding Members unanimously agreed on redesigning, adapting, developing and delivering the WLH Dynamic Leadership workshop program for WfE and their students free of charge, because we strongly believe that this will be a key tool for them in developing themselves and in shaping their future careers.


THANK YOU Sponsors

All this would have not been possible without our great sponsors whose contributions are helping us deal with the costs for delivering this workshop to the WfE students in Kenya.

We are so grateful to the five companies in Sweden that are supporting our project in Kenya and have thus helped us give the opportunity to these seven students to attend the WLH Dynamic Leadership Program. Your kind generosity will make a big difference for them and their future.

The sponsors are: Fyra Linjer, Intelligent Trade, Rosendal Fastigheter, Timecut, Väddö Prästgård and WOC Marketing.

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